panic: lock (sleep mutex) vnode interlock not locked

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Wed Aug 10 06:31:25 GMT 2005

Le Wednesday 10 August 2005 08:11, Don Lewis a écrit :
> I also noticed this inconsistency in vgonel() a couple hours ago and
> made exactly the same change in my local source.  No problems so far,
> but I suspect this bug is difficult to trigger.  It's been present in

As I wrote before, I saw it twice yesterday - it was in the initial "rm -r" 
phase of "make buildworld"

> the code for a couple of months.

maybe a code change "elsewhere" made it more probable (the LOCK/UNLOCK 
infrastructure everywhere in the kernel code begins to be scary : difficult 
to follow, difficult to prove right ?)


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