Missing a step in new(er) Remote gdb/kdb setup?

Lonnie VanZandt lonnie.vanzandt at ngc.com
Thu Aug 4 15:44:13 GMT 2005

Marcel Moolenaar - or anyone who has properly setup the new remote

       You are, I believe, the programmer for the revised remote kernel debug
interface in FreeBSD 5.4. If so, perhaps you could advise me on why I might
be receiving a "Ignoring packet error, continuing..." at startup from a 
command like:

       kgdb -r /dev/cuaa0 /tmp/kernel.debug

I have verified that I have 9600 8N1 connectivity between the host and
the target and have observed the opening handshake of the remote gdb
protocol being sent from the host. I know the cable and the sios are ok 
because I verified that a getty login over the link worked find.

I have worked with remote kernel debugging on other systems and even on 
FreeBSD in the 5.2.1 release prior to the gdb -k to kgdb switchover. So, I 
think I'm doing the right steps but perhaps something else has changed?

I do have my sio flags set to 0x80 on the target and the target has option
KDB, DDB, and GDB in it. The target drops into the kernel debugger on a 
Ctrl-Alt-Esc and steps into the gdb backend with ">gdb", ">s" commands.

Is there a serial port baud rate setting I need to revise? Also, I properly 
turned off the getty in /etc/ttys on the target for the sio used as the 
debugger console.

Also, how do I get rid of the libthread_db.so undefined symbol reference to

Both host and target are 5.4 although the host is a 5.2.1 updated to 5.4RC3 
updated to 5.4 RELEASE configuration...

Lonnie VanZandt

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