[PANIC] RELENG_6: Memory modified after free

Gordon Bergling gbergling at 0xfce3.net
Wed Aug 3 17:23:50 GMT 2005

Xin LI wrote:

>在 2005-08-03三的 18:52 +0200,Gordon Bergling写道:
>>sometimes I am gettings this panic while booting.
>>I had several times tried to get a core dump, but savecore(8) tells me
>This looks like a double fault, but I can not guess the culprit through
>the address yet :-)  Do you have some procedures that can reliably
>trigger the problem?  Also, try overriding the default CFLAG to "-O
>-pipe" to see if it can help.  It would also be helpful if you can
>provide the kernel compiling configuration as well.

No, there are no special procedures or anything else, what I know.

I'll compile a new world with the a overrided CFLAGS and see if 
something changes.

The kernel configuration file is GENERIC with "options VESA" and 
"options SC_PIXEL_MODE" added.
I had commented out the RAID stuff, Firewire stuff und unneeded network 



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