6.0-CURRENT SNAP004 hangs on amr (patch)

Marc Olzheim marcolz at stack.nl
Wed Aug 3 13:15:59 GMT 2005

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 09:01:19AM -0400, Mike Tancsa wrote:
> At 08:14 AM 03/08/2005, Marc Olzheim wrote:
> >That still doesn't work. Dmesg of a boot -v on the kernel without ATA is
> >at
> >http://www.stack.nl/~marcolz/FreeBSD/freebsd-6-amr-1123071090.dmesg.txt
> >
> >at least, until it hangs itself again.
> >
> >I've never run 5 on it, so I don't know if that works or not.
> Actually, I have the Adaptec SCSI controller disabled in my BIOS and I also 
> updated the BIOS to the latest from the dell support site.  Can you try 
> that as well?

Erhm, I boot from that Adaptec. :-/ But I can try if it can boot the
kernel with it disabled. ;-)

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