Mixer settings revert to zero

Adam Smith adam at internode.com.au
Tue Sep 28 17:01:09 PDT 2004

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 09:40:09PM +0300, Ion-Mihai Tetcu said:
> > My sound drivers are loaded as I have a /dev/dsp that works, but I think my
> > mixer can't see my ich drivers.
> What I meant is that I have the same problem (but different sound chip)
> since BETA3, with all mixer's volumes 0 after a reboot. And it doesn't
> seems to be a driver problem, since all the sound components seem to be
> detected right and the current states are saved  to /var/db/mixer0-state
> / restored when I start or stop by hand /etc/rc.d/mixer
> Only on boot the volumes are set to 0, no matter what it is in
> /var/db/mixer0-state

In that case, my symptoms are the same.  I wasn't aware there was a
/var/db/mixer0-state file, and when I checked it out, I had mixer settings
stored there, but these weren't being picked up when the mixer is
initialised during boot.

Is there anyone else out there experiencing this?  Surely it can't just be
the two of us.

> Maybe there has been a change in the rc subsystem and the keywords are
> now wrong ? I didn't found any.
> $FreeBSD: src/etc/rc.d/mixer,v 1.3 2004/03/27 09:26:22 dougb Exp $
> # PROVIDE: mixer
> # KEYWORD: FreeBSD nojail shutdown

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