simultaneous portupgrades

Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Sep 28 14:24:42 PDT 2004

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 03:21:22PM -0600, John Nielsen wrote:
> Quoting Randy Bush <randy at>:
> > am i correct that there is no shared file consistency/integrity
> > in the portupgrade stuff, so i can not really run two different
> > portupgrades at the same time?
> You are correct that it's not a good habit to get into.  If you have a
> fair idea of what depends on what, you can often get away with doing
> multiple portupgrades at the same time, but don't be surprised when the
> 'clean' of one build clobbers the working directory of another.  On the
> plus side, it will usually fail loudly if it fails, so all you lose is
> time (which you may have lost anyway doing things sequentially).
> If I only have a handful of out-of-date ports, I will generally try to do
> two batches at once.  I'm better at dividing the batches than I used to
> be... :)

I've also seen occational database corruption when two portupgrades use the
database at once.  In general I avoid doing things that way.

-- Brooks

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