simultaneous portupgrades

John Nielsen lists at
Tue Sep 28 14:21:30 PDT 2004

Quoting Randy Bush <randy at>:
> am i correct that there is no shared file consistency/integrity
> in the portupgrade stuff, so i can not really run two different
> portupgrades at the same time?

You are correct that it's not a good habit to get into.  If you have a
fair idea of what depends on what, you can often get away with doing
multiple portupgrades at the same time, but don't be surprised when the
'clean' of one build clobbers the working directory of another.  On the
plus side, it will usually fail loudly if it fails, so all you lose is
time (which you may have lost anyway doing things sequentially).

If I only have a handful of out-of-date ports, I will generally try to do
two batches at once.  I'm better at dividing the batches than I used to
be... :)


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