"NTLDR missing" after 5-RELEASE install

Darren Pilgrim dmp at bitfreak.org
Tue Sep 28 13:37:33 PDT 2004

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From: Roman Kurakin
> I've seen this before 5.0 release and made some investigation of this 
> proble.  I didn't look this thread carefully so excuse me if information
> I give to all you is useless.
> My investigation show that FreeBSD reads full partition table, and after 
> modification puts it back. It fix all entries from its own point of view.
> Windows dies from change of end of partition entry. As I understand with
> large disk it shouldn't mean anything at all. But windows checks it. You
> may save this entry and after installation of FreeBSD put it back.

Just like in UFS, there are structures in NTFS that have to be changed if
the size of the volume changes.  Also like UFS, NTFS doesn't place data
sequentially on the disk.  A large, mostly-empty, NTFS volume can have data
at or near the end of the volume.

The slicing issue is well-known with NTFS.  A reliable way to add a
non-Windows slice to a computer with Windows installed is to use a volume
management tool like PM.  If you don't need to resize a slice, use the Disk
Management administrative tool to create an unformatted partition, then
change the media descriptor when you go to install FreeBSD.  NT is so picky
it's even recommended that you use the NT boot loader.

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