"NTLDR missing" after 5-RELEASE install

Roman Kurakin rik at cronyx.ru
Tue Sep 28 01:26:18 PDT 2004

I've seen this before 5.0 release and made some investigation of this 
I didn't look this thread carefully so excuse me if information I give 
to all you is useless.

My investigation show that FreeBSD reads full partition table, and after 
puts it back. It fix all entries from its own point of view. Windows 
dies from change
of end of partition entry. As I understand with large disk it shouldn't 
mean anything
at all. But windows checks it. You may save this entry and after 
installation of FreeBSD
put it back.


Dimitry Andric wrote:

>On 2003-02-25 at 18:58:30 Andrew Boothman wrote:
>>I can't understand how the 5.x boot manager has managed to break my windows
>>boot, i've never had any trouble under 3.x or 4.x, both of which played with
>>windows perfectly nicely.
>Sorry for catching up on this thread so late, but couldn't this be
>some nasty problem with hard drive geometries?  I.e. FreeBSD's
>interpretation of the partition table could be totally different from
>Windows', causing the rather flaky Microsoft bootloaders to fail.
>I personally have had complaints from PartitionMagic and various other
>Windows-based tools about partitions being "invalid" or having
>"different CHS and LBA boundaries" etc, after installing some versions
>of FreeBSD, and creating partitions from its installer.
>Could you please give us some info about your drive geometry, and/or
>or a somewhat low-level dump of your partition table data?

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