Low volume sound on Dell Precision 530 (snd_ich)

Jan Mikkelsen janm-freebsd-current at transactionware.com
Mon Sep 27 23:55:04 PDT 2004

Ryan Freeman wrote:
[ "mixer vol" vs. "mixer cd" vs. "mixer ogain", etc. ]
> hmm, are you playing cds through xmms? and if so, if you're 
> using digital
> extraction rather than analog playback, then yes changing cd 
> volume won't 
> change anything. if you'd rather use analog (or like to 
> check, i think its
> default to digital extraction) hope this makes things a 
> little less mysterious!

For cd playback I'm using cdcontrol(1), so that is analog.  For testing
digital playback I was using the KDE "Test Sound" button.

"mixer cd" does change the CD playback volume, it is "mixer vol" that
doesn't change anything.

I just installed xmms to see what it does.  For digital playback, changing
the xmms volume slider adjusts "pcm", not "vol".  For analog playback, the
xmms volume slider change volume (for three settings;  "no mixer", "oss",
and "cd drive").

The cdcontrol "volume" command does change the volume for playback and
"mixer cd" does change volume for both cdcontrol playback and xmms analog
playback (as expected).


Jan Mikkelsen.

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