real keyboard (was: Re: Laptop recommendations?)

Claus Assmann freebsd+current at
Mon Sep 27 22:41:18 PDT 2004

On Mon, Sep 27, 2004, M. Warner Losh wrote:

> Happy Hacking Keyboard is to die for.  It is the one true keyboard
> layout and all this PC, Johnny-come-lately crowd who F*D up a
> perfectly good keyboard layout can rot in h*** for all I care.  The

I have two of those, but both of them already show wear; after just
4 years some keys, esp. "Shift", sometimes get stuck for a brief
moment. IMHO the quality isn't anyway near those older Sun keyboards
or the NCD keyboard I have at work, which is connected to a PC.
That is almost the real thing (Sun Type 5?) and it works flawlessly
for over 6 years (well, I had to remap most of the "special" keys,
and the function keys don't work during boot, but who needs that
with a real OS?).  Unfortunately nobody seems to sell those anymore.

Are there any other "real" (Unix/Sun type) keyboards that can be
connected to a PC (without USB if possible)?

[this is certainly off-topic for freebsd-current, would freebsd-hardware
be better?]

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