Laptop recommendations?

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Mon Sep 27 21:51:07 PDT 2004

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            Arne Schwabe <arne at> writes:
: Sean McNeil <sean at> writes:
: >> Yeah, I'm an old weirdo [who also uses emacs a lot].  I grew up with
: >> the control key being that big sucker just to the left of the 'A' key,
: >> and reaching down and under to the bottom row bothers my left
: >> wrist/hand.  I'm otherwise keyboard agnostic (I don't care where the
: >> esc key is, I just use ctrl-[ and I'm used to figuring out just what
: >> the BS/Del key sends) but the ctrl key is important.  Fortunately, on
: >> PC hardware, it's easy enough to get it where i want/like/need it.
: >
: > I see what you mean.  But they moved that a long time ago.  I'm amazed
: > you have managed to stick with the old positioning.  The feel of a
: > Logitech keyboard is pretty sweet.
: Hey, you can still buy a Sun Type 6 USB Keyboard with UNIX Layout
: (note US Layout is different from UNIX Layout), where escape,
: backspace and control have strange locations :)

Happy Hacking Keyboard is to die for.  It is the one true keyboard
layout and all this PC, Johnny-come-lately crowd who F*D up a
perfectly good keyboard layout can rot in h*** for all I care.  The
USB version even has two additional USB slots: mouse and memory card
or cell phone work well there :-).

Of course, the HHK is just a Sun Type 3 keyboard, with an inverted T
arrows added.  Sweet feedback on the keys, and really worth the price
of a ticket to Japan to pick it up at PlatHome in Akihabara :-).


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