5.3-BETA5-i386-disc1 bootstrap failures

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Sat Sep 25 20:28:05 PDT 2004

David Boyd wrote:
> This may just be noise, but I'll send it anywho.
> The ACPI/APIC/SMP problem described in several missives on this list was
> introduced (imho) between noon on September 17th and noon on September 18th.
> I have built from CVS (cvsup) the following kernels:
> 	2004.
> 	2004.
> 	2004.
> 	2004.

Thanks for the datapoint.  I assume you are tracking RELENG_5?

I could only find one ACPI commit to RELENG_5 around this time.  Please 
recompile with the following files:

acpi_thermal.c rev 1.48
acpi_powerres.c rev 1.26

You can download them here:

Merely copy these into /sys/dev/acpica, recompile the acpi module (or 
whole kernel) and reboot.


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