5.3-BETA5-i386-disc1 bootstrap failures

David Boyd David.Boyd at insightbb.com
Sat Sep 25 13:16:36 PDT 2004

This may just be noise, but I'll send it anywho.

The ACPI/APIC/SMP problem described in several missives on this list was
introduced (imho) between noon on September 17th and noon on September 18th.

I have built from CVS (cvsup) the following kernels:


I don't assume that this is the best way to do this, but I had limited time
and wanted to help.

The 2004. kernel doesn't seem to have any problems booting (or
shutting down ... more later).

The 2004. kernel doesn't seem to have any problems booting,
but hangs on shutdown -r after the message "Shutting down ACPI". Sorry, no

The 2004. and 2004. kernels hang on
boot...sometimes after enumerating the disks and sometimes after "SMP: AP
CPU #1 Launched!".

The problem can be circumvented sometimes by booting with ACPI disabled.
Sometimes only by selecting "Safe Mode" can the system be booted.  It only
occurs on systems with BIOS support for ACPI.  It occurs on systems with a
single processor (HyperThreaded, or not).

I realize that this human observation crap doesn't really narrow things
down.  Sorry.

P.S.  BETA5 cd always panics on Intel D875PBZ motherboard with 3.2E HT
processor.  BETA4 didn't.

Please feel free to ignore this babble...I won't quit trying to help,

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