Detaching USB stick crashes BETA4/BETA5

Chris Pepper pepper at
Thu Sep 23 17:59:22 PDT 2004

At 9:53 AM -0600 2004/09/22, M. Warner Losh wrote:
>In message: <p06200100bd76b258f575@[]>
>             Chris Pepper <pepper at> writes:
>:	I cvsupped against RELENG_5 last night. I will confirm the
>: problem persists with RELENG_5, then try the patch Warner suggested.
>This patch didn't work after rebuilding?

	With the patch, RELENG_5 no longer crashes when I flip the 
USB KVM back and forth.

>MT5 before: next_release(5.3-BETA5) (unless someting better comes along)



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