Adaptec ICH5R-S Serial ATA RAID

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Wed Sep 22 12:11:52 PDT 2004

Saulius Menkevicius said:

> Tim price wrote:
>>Hi, I'm looking for information regarding current support for the onboard
>>SATA raid device on the Intel SR1325TP1-E motherboard, listed as Adaptec
>>ICH5R-S Serial ATA RAID.
>>We've basically got a server with two 200GB SATA drives configured in a
>>mirrored array in the above controller.  I'm looking for a way of
>> installing
>>and running freebsd v4.10 - v5.2.1 in that configuration.
>     Doug Abrisko has patches for 4.10 which (among other things) adds
> support for the ICH5-R SATA RAID metadata. Look for
>     A patch for RELENG_5 is at
> This one has
> been ported from Doug's patch (with minor changes). Personally I run
> SATA 2x120GB disk stripe (RAID0) with ICH5-R thus can't tell how it
> would work in mirror mode.

Why hasnt this stuff been merged to FreeBD yet? I think a lot of people
are anxious to see support for this, as most current Intel based boards
utilize this, and FreeBSD still has not support for it. The chipset has
been out for a long time now. FreeBSD seems to be really lagging behind in
hardware support lately.

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