Plans for after FreeBSD-5.3-RELEASE.

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Wed Sep 22 11:21:48 PDT 2004

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Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
| Hi,
| After test FreeBSD-5.3-BETA5 + current ports, I'm very glad with how
| it's  worked out.
| But I'm not convince about how X11, gnome and kde works together.
| I've to develop a NetWS / Kiosk for a customer and need to work on this.

GNOME has been adding quite a few lock-down features to aid in these
types of deployments.  I would be very interested in knowing how they
work out for you.

| Is anyone interested on that?

I have always thought FreeBSD needed for desktop loving.  I would be
interested in helping with any project that makes FreeBSD more

| My TODO List is now by that:
|  - Plans for moving/merging X11 config form /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/ to
| /etc/X11/
|     + seems to be most Linux/Unix trends
|     + easier WS setup.

This is a mistake, IMHO.  FreeBSD's model is not to put ports
configuration files in /etc.  In fact, the PAM files in /etc/pam.d now
are rumored to me moving out to ${LOCALBASE} and ${X11BASE}.

|  - Plans to work and standard FreeBSD way to X11
|     + An implementation guide common to x11/gnome/kde (document ->
| article |  handbook)
|     + FreeBSD specific support for xinit/xdm config (~/.xinitrc ...)
|     + rcNG support for x11
|         * /etc/rc.d/xdm.  operative and valid for gdm/kdm/xdm
|         * /etc/rc.d/xfs?  we need a font server with libXFT trends?
|         * /etc/rc.d/xserver.  Xserver init for XDMCP (XTerminal)
|         * /etc/rc.d/xinit.  Special init via xinit.

I have a patch for rcNG support for gdm that will be going in after the

|  - Plans to work on a FreeBSD 'feeling'. Same fonts, ...
|     + tweaks to apps-defaults, gnome and kde config.
|     + common process of resources. Xresources , Xmodmap, ...
|  - Plans to specific support for NetBooting. NetWS, XTerminals, Kiosk
|  - Plans to specific support easy thenmeing 'a la FreeBSD'.

This sounds like a good project in and of itself (i.e. FreeBSD Desktop


| Any sugestion on this is welcome.
| --
|   josemi

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