panic: pmap_enter: attempted pmap_enter on 4MB page

Alex Hoff ahoff at
Mon Sep 20 10:48:03 PDT 2004


Ive talked to a few people about this crash already, but I might as well get a discussion going. Running 5.3 beta 4 (as of Sunday) with Postgress 7.4.2 running on it under heavy load will run into "panic: pmap_enter: attempted pmap_enter on 4MB page". The machine we are running on is a dual xeon 2.8 ghz w/ HyperThreading off, 4 gigs of ram and a 980G RAID5 setup. Using a small database with a total of 100 clients, 80 doing updates and 20 doing queries via tcl (db + clients on the same machine), it runs until fills up 4gigs of ram, then 4 gigs of swap, then we kill it cleanly rc.d script stop)

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