Loading a 4.x kernel module to running 6.x kernel

Makoto Matsushita matusita at jp.FreeBSD.org
Fri Sep 17 19:59:15 PDT 2004

bms> You shouldn't need to use this module as tap(4) already
bms> implements its functionality.

You misunderstand what "vmxnet" is, since I didn't explain about it so
much, sorry.  Yes, tap(4) is there, but it is for FreeBSD "host OS."
The vmxnet.ko kernel module is for FreeBSD "guest OS."

As you know, VMware's virtual hardware may have "AMD LANCE"
compatibile network device.  However, it may also have their original
ethernet device, just like vga device, named "vmxnet."

-- -
Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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