ad0: TIMEOUT - READ_DMA retrying (2 retries left) LBA=207594611

Søren Schmidt sos at
Fri Sep 17 13:05:57 PDT 2004

Thomas Hurst wrote:
> * Kevin Oberman (oberman at wrote:
>>If anyone is using ULE and seeing this EXACT problem, please holler?
>>adX: TIMEOUT - READ_DMA retrying (2 retries left) LBA= or
>>adX: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (2 retries left) LBA=
>>It should be differing only in the ad unit number and the specified LBA.
> I'm seeing these using ULE and ADAPTIVE_GIANT; last time when I tried
> opening a 133M file over Samba.  The system locks completely and doesn't
> recover.  They seems to be happening roughly once a week on a largely
> idle machine.
>   FreeBSD 5.3-BETA3 #1: Wed Sep  8 19:44:05 BST 2004

You need at least beta4 to get the ATA fixes that also applies.


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