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Thu Sep 16 14:42:17 PDT 2004

Andre Oppermann <andre at> wrote

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>> Hi,
>> [Please excuse formating, I'm writeing from webmail]
> A 5.3-BETA4 cvsupped around 16.00 today (16 sept) panics when ipfw fwd rule is 
> used. It seems to be stable with the same kernel without fwd rules. If the fwd 
> rule is present at boot it will panic each time, it it is added later it seems 
> that sometimes (one of 5 untill now) it does not panic. The panic seems to 
> happen on the first / first few fwd packets.


> I have MFC'd the fix a couple of hours ago.  You should cvsup again and check 
if you have got rev. of netinet/ip_fw_pfil.c.

Thanks. Yes, I've seen the commit about 15 minutes ago and I'm rebuilding kernel 
now. Usually I would have seen it faster in my email, but since I'm not in my 
office I had to check the web archive for cvs-src.

Thanks again and sorry for the noise,

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