bad shared library ordering

Michael Reifenberger mike at
Mon Sep 13 23:48:37 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Sean McNeil wrote:
>> It's not a problem of your base system either.
>> Your ldap/sasl ports are not compiled with WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes
>> in /etc/make.conf
> This isn't what I was alluding to.  Yes, since I discovered this I've
> deleted the package and I'm rebuilding everything.  Don't even need
> WITH_OPENSSL_BASE set.  I think the issue is that, perhaps, rpath is
> being used and so the /usr/local/lib version wins.  If this is the case
> then I see nothing wrong and I just need to do some cleanup.

Yes, its an rpath issue  and your system is working as expected.

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