max. partition size on 5.x

Claus Guttesen cguttesen at
Mon Sep 13 14:02:14 PDT 2004


Not shure whether this is the right place to ask, but
I haven't found other sources of information.

I deployed a beta3-nfs-server which works fine. Two
IDE-to-SCSI-cabinets are connected to the server using
an aic7899-controller. The first cabinet has approx. 2
TB (12 disks at 200 GB, as expected). When I connected
the second cabinet using 250 GB disks, I exptected
approx. 2.5 TB, but only saw 764 GB.

Is there any limit that is imposed by 5.x in terms of
max. partition size? This is running on a Compaq DL
380 dual PIII (G2) with 3 GB RAM, microstorage

The raid-system became visible by the usual
'camcontrol rescan all' and I used 'fdisk -I /dev/da2'
and 'disklabel -w /dev/da2s1'.


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