bad shared library ordering

Sean McNeil sean at
Mon Sep 13 19:46:44 PDT 2004

>> This isn't what I was alluding to.  Yes, since I discovered this I've
>> deleted the package and I'm rebuilding everything.  Don't even need
>> WITH_OPENSSL_BASE set.  I think the issue is that, perhaps, rpath is
>> being used and so the /usr/local/lib version wins.  If this is the
>> then I see nothing wrong and I just need to do some cleanup.

>I suppose you know about the /etc/ file described in
>FILES of ldconfig(8) manual page ; but the granularity is unfortunately
>per-directory, and I think the only way to link with a specific library
>instead of the first-coming one is to use tricky options of ld(1).  You
>may want to see -l and the -L one.

Sorry Jeremie,

This has nothing to do with /etc/ (which I do not have)
and my /var/run/ is just fine too.  I was observing what
looked like an oddity in how libraries are selected on a correct
system.  It was most likely because some library that kadmin was linking
in had an rpath to /usr/local/lib that was causing to get
picked up there instead of in /lib.  This is the only think I can think

The proper cure for me was to eliminate the bogus ports install of
openssl.  It would appear the one in base and the ports version are not


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