dcons(4) console for jails

Hendrik Scholz hscholz at raisdorf.net
Fri Sep 10 06:24:30 PDT 2004


I've been thinking for this for a few days and eventually had the time 
to have a first look at it.

What I'd like to do is basicly running
'/usr/libexec/getty dcons dcons' inside a jail and allow the host system 
to access the console.
It's easy to do using the dconschat TCP feature (dconschat -rTC 12345)
and using telnet to connect but I don't like the idea of allowing telnet
connections from remote systems to important services.

So my solution (only had a quick look at the code) should work like this:

- write a firewire-like extension for dconschat, i.e. 'dcons -j myjail'
   that connects to the console on the local jail 'myjail'
- build a miniature version of /etc/ttys in the jail to allow
- make sure the comserver-con port works with this extension :)

Are there any comments or recommondations?


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