poor ATA disk speed with ICH2

Angelo Turetta aturetta at rainbownet.com
Fri Sep 10 02:38:40 PDT 2004

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>From: "Kevin Oberman" <oberman at es.net>
>Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 10:28 PM
> While the test is running, the disk being written to "sings" with the
> frequency somewhat dependent on the size of the write. On read, I get
> silence. When I copy my full disk (if=ad0 of=ad2), I can clearly hear
> the sound of the actuator moving the heads constantly toward the end of
> the backup. I assume that they are being returned to track 0 on a
> repeated basis.

This sounds a lot like thermal recalibration seeks, to me. Except it's
something modern hardware is supposed to need very rarely, if not at all...
Might be the effect of some power-saving setting intruduced in 5.x ?
(or maybe the new ATA code is actually so fast it's overheating your disks
:-) :-)

Angelo Turetta

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