mysql on recent RELENG_5

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Sep 5 07:55:02 PDT 2004

Oliver Brandmueller wrote:
> Hi,
> I see a little problem with either mysql-server 3.23 or 4.1.3 on a 
> RELENG_5 as of about 12 hours ago:
> mysql runs fine so far, but as soon as I do not connect by socket, but 
> by network on localhost ( the mysqld dies by sig11 (and is the 
> restarted automatically by the wrapper).
> I tried ULE and 4BSD, I tried a mysql 3.23 from package. I tried 
> compiling 3.23 and 4.1.3 (did not try 4.1.4 which just arrived at the 
> ports a few hours ago) "just plain", with BUILD_OPTIMIZED, with 
> WITH_LINUXTHREADS defined and saw now difference. I also changed 
> libpthread to libc_r by libmap.conf and had no difference.

I've built MySQL 4.0 server & client from /usr/ports several dozen times
over the past month with many different options and I've never had a
problem and have never had to set CPUFLAGS in make.conf.  This is on a
Pentium-4 system.  Mabye I'm missing something here?


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