mysql on recent RELENG_5

Daniel Eischen deischen at
Sun Sep 5 07:03:47 PDT 2004

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

> I agree, opening another bug report on this probably wouldn't do much.
> However, the only places I've seen it mentioned are here on -current.
> ports/70889 is also for the alpha architecture, which may (possibly?) be
> seeing a different error message depending upon what sort-of code is
> being generated.
> I don't "mind" having to use CPUTYPE as a workaround (I'm glad there's
> one at all!); I'm mainly worried that the MySQL folks will begin claiming
> that "FreeBSD isn't suited for MySQL" because of this problem, or
> something along those lines.  There's enough public misnomers as-is
> about MySQL on FreeBSD (even a few on the official MySQL site).
> I'm more than happy to test patches or give someone access to our 5.x
> SQL box if they want to try and track this down.

I seem to recall someone mentioning that this was a compiler bug
that was fixed (worked around) in mysql (CVS?) sources.  It might
have been posted over on threads@, but I can't recall.


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