Radeon AGP suspend/resume support

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Mon Oct 18 10:57:13 PDT 2004

Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> So *no* suspend/resume support ever actually gets called, for any userland
> driver in the X tree, on FreeBSD. It seems X needs to be re-educated about
> how FreeBSD suspends and resumes. It may well be more appropriate to rewrite
> this module entirely from scratch for use with ACPI.
> This would seem to boil down to two components being needed:
>  a) AGP suspend/resume support.
>  b) X.org/XF86 support for suspend/resume with ACPI.

I haven't gotten any comments on the patch I posted.  Is there an X 
person who can work with me on this?


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