ACPI Suspend -> /dev/ums0 dead

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Tue Oct 12 04:59:37 PDT 2004

El Martes, 12 de Octubre de 2004 13:24, Jochen Gensch escribió:
> Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> > There isn't mouse 'mux' support in FreeBSD's moused.  You can use
> > only one.
> Sure that is true? I am using both at this moment on the console, so
> no X is runnig. Both with moused. I can activate usb mouse by moused
> -p /dev/ums0 and trackpoint by moused  -p /dev/psm0. Usbd is running,
> too by the way.

I think so.

There's only one /dev/sysmouse that must be gerenated by just one moused 

If you have in /etc/rc.conf:

You will have two moused processes and all sort of extrange behavior.  
But it may works.

Maybe your BIOS can make the usb and the trackpad 'mux'.  In that case, 
you must edit your /etc/usbd.conf and comment out the device 'mouse'

You may also try and specific resume in /etc/rc.resume:
/usr/bin/killall moused
[ -c /dev/psm0 ] && /usr/sbin/moused -p /dev/psm0 \
 -I /var/run/
[ -c /dev/ums0 ] && /usr/sbin/moused -p /dev/ums0 \ 
 -I /var/run/
/usr/sbin/vidcontrol -m on

See also the comments in /etc/rc.suspend, /etc/rc.resume about uhci.  
You may need a kernel without usb to make this work.  Also, load your 
required usb modules from /etc/loader.conf

> I figured out, that ums0 isn't the problem here, it just takes 2-3
> seconds and it is there after resuming. I didn't know what device is
> carrying what mouse. So the problem is /dev/psm0. The trackpoint is
> dead after resuming, even though I entered a moused -p /dev/psm0 in
> /etc/rc.resume. This doesn't seem to be executed. Is that the correct
> place to set commands after resume?
> Jochen


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