ACPI Suspend -> /dev/ums0 dead

Jochen Gensch incmc at
Tue Oct 12 04:24:22 PDT 2004

Jose M Rodriguez wrote:

> There isn't mouse 'mux' support in FreeBSD's moused.  You can use only 
> one.

Sure that is true? I am using both at this moment on the console, so no
X is runnig. Both with moused. I can activate usb mouse by moused -p
/dev/ums0 and trackpoint by moused  -p /dev/psm0. Usbd is running, too
by the way.

I figured out, that ums0 isn't the problem here, it just takes 2-3
seconds and it is there after resuming. I didn't know what device is
carrying what mouse. So the problem is /dev/psm0. The trackpoint is dead
after resuming, even though I entered a moused -p /dev/psm0 in
/etc/rc.resume. This doesn't seem to be executed. Is that the correct 
place to set commands after resume?


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