5.3-BETA7 ISO wont load after install (stuck after bootloader)

Søren Schmidt sos at DeepCore.dk
Tue Oct 12 01:45:51 PDT 2004

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> I just installed 5.7-BETA7 using 5.3-BETA7-i386-disc1.iso on my dual boot
> machine (Currently running WinXP). The installation went fine (i did it
> twice to make sure i didnt screw up), everything was detected fine. After
> the installation was complete, i reboot and i get the FreeBSD boot loader,
> i hit F2 (the partition where fbsd is) and it just prints a carridge
> return and it sits at "-", it does not spin and proceed as usual. This
> particular machine is not new to FreeBSD, it has ran many version before
> just fine. The only thing that is different is that i am now using the
> promise supertrak sx6000 (pst) ide raid controller, which works fine under
> windows in raid 0 mode.

You can not boot of a sx6000 controller.
The reason is that somehow our bootcode and the BIOS on the sx6000 
doesn't get along.



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