NFS trouble

Benjamin Lutz benlutz at
Mon Oct 11 09:40:42 PDT 2004


I'm seeing a lot of processes getting stuck in "nfsfsync" state lately. 
I'm running FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7, and I've seen this with both the i386 and 
the amd64 version.

As NFS server I'm using a FreeBSD 4.10 machine and an up to date gentoo 
box (running Linux 2.4.25_pre7-gss-r11).

I've mounted the NFS exports with a simple nfs_mount 
uno:/var/www/localhost www as well as with some options that should make 
nfs more robust:
  mount_nfs -D 2 -L -R 2 -i -s -x 3 uno:/var/www/localhost www

In all cases, the process has started hanging when writing to the exported 
NFS share. This could be a text editor (kate), or cp. Subsequent access 
(eg, with ls) to the directory where the first process tried to write to 
will make the second process hang in state "nfs".

Nothing gets logged on the server, the client logs this repeatedly:
  nfs server uno:/var/www/localhost: not responding

Forcibly unmounting the share works and seems to unfreeze the frozen 

This behaviour is new. I cannot say when exactly I've first seen this, but 
I think it must have appeared somewhere between BETA5 and BETA7.

What can I do to make NFS work more reliably again?

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