ports freeze and portaudit alerts

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun Oct 10 14:04:00 PDT 2004

Dick Davies wrote:
> But I'm a little alarmed by the pre 5.3 release ports freeze - portaudit has
> flagged an awful lot of packages as having holes and refused to install them.
[ ... ]
> I just wondered if there is a policy to not upgrade ports under any
> circumstances, or if this is just an oversight? I can imagine this would make
> me very twitchy if I was running production boxes during a freeze....
> or have I missed something, and this doesn't affect 4.* users?

The ports freeze slows down the rate at which changes are made to ports, but 
important changes like security fixes will still happen, and permitted after 
approval from <portmgr at freebsd.org>.

Your question prompts another, however, which is:

"How long is too long to keep the ports tree frozen?"

I suspect that there would exist less busywork between portmgr@ and maybe re@ 
if the ports tree was frozen not during the entire beta cycle, but starting a 
week or so before the RC versions come out.


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