ports freeze and portaudit alerts

Dick Davies rasputnik at hellooperator.net
Sun Oct 10 13:43:12 PDT 2004

I've recently returned to FreeBSD from a tour around various other free
OSes - last time I used it seriously was around 4.7, I think, and 5.3 seems
to be light years ahead functionality wise. So first off, congratulations.

But I'm a little alarmed by the pre 5.3 release ports freeze - portaudit has
flagged an awful lot of packages as having holes and refused to install them.

Off the top of my head : mozilla, cups (and therefore most of kde) and
firefox/bird.  Shouldn't serious bugs (like the JPEG vuln
in firefox for example) to override the freeze?

I know the software could just be installed by hand but that loses you a
lot of benefits (not least portaudit).

I just wondered if there is a policy to not upgrade ports under any
circumstances, or if this is just an oversight? I can imagine this would make
me very twitchy if I was running production boxes during a freeze....
or have I missed something, and this doesn't affect 4.* users?
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