Installing 5.3-BETA7 without PS/2 keyboard

Rajappa Iyer rsi at
Thu Oct 7 21:50:34 PDT 2004

> Sounds like your BIOS is too smart for it's own good.  It emulates
> enough of the keyboard for atkbd to to probe, but then ukbd finds the
> keyboard and breaks it.  Does the same thing happen if you disable
> emulation?  (I suspect it does).  If so, you may need to install by
> sticking the disk in something else and installing there.  One other
> idea, if you can disable ukbd that may keep the keyboard from being
> initalized which should keep the emulation work.

That doesn't work either and I wouldn't have expected it to work either
since FreeBSD does not use the BIOS once it boots.

Disabling BIOS emulation does not work either.  FreeBSD *still* probes
and finds atkdbc0.

Sounds like I'm SOL.

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