Noticable Delays Since Beta 3

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Thu Oct 7 14:06:39 PDT 2004

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 12:54:50PM -0600, Ryan Sommers wrote:
> > Under X (using xfce4), the mouse freezes for a few seconds in random
> > windows (indepedent of the program), then it jumps back up to life
> > after 2 to 5 seconds. This happens even when the mouse is currently
> > being moved (so it's not the X server being swapped in so somesuch).
> > The cursor freezes while in motion, and it reappears a few seconds later
> > an another location.
> Are you using a wireless card by chance? I've had something similar happen
> when I was in an area with a very weak signal. Anytime the signal would
> drop and the card would attempt to reacquire the mouse or keyboard would
> 'pop'. When I inquired about it on the mailing list someone mentioned
> something about it being related to timeout(9). Not sure if that is still
> the case or not.

Good idea, but no. I'm sitting at the console. The box is connected
via ethernet (sis driver). There's no wireless card involved. BTW,
USB is also not in use, so that's not the reason.

The problem seems to be identical, wether the box is idle or busy
(currently running portupgrade -akrRf since 8 hours). When busy,
the box feels just a little more sluggish than before, but those
delays are the same, wether idle or busy. They also never happened
before, even when compiling qt etc... This is something new.

There are no console messages.


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