build/install RELENG_5 from a 4.10 system

Doug White dwhite at
Wed Oct 6 18:57:34 PDT 2004

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Michael C. Cambria wrote:

> Is it possible to build a RELENG_5 system on a 4.10 system?

Yes -- read the instructions at the bottom of /usr/src/UPDATING
beforehand, and follow the instructions VERY CAREFULLY or you'll end up
with an unbootable system.

> I've used new sources put in /home via cvsup to build slower systems and
> Soekris boxes in the past.  Setting DESTDIR and MAKEOBJDIEPREFIX puts
> the results of installworld & buildworld someplace other than /usr/obj.
>   But I've only done this with something like 4.x-stable while my build
> system ran 4.x-release.

Considering MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX sets the prefix for where OBJDIR get created,
that make sense that setting it to something would move OBJDIR from
/usr/obj. What were you expecting? :)

There are also instructions for doing remote installs (i.e., installworld
over NFS) at the bottom of UPDATING.

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