5.3: /stand/ versus /rescue/ ?

Ryan Sommers ryans at gamersimpact.com
Wed Oct 6 10:41:11 PDT 2004

> /stand is installed as part of the installation process.  Basically,
> sysinstall starts off by letting you partition your disks.  Once that is
> done, it mounts everything under /mnt, then copies the /stand off of the
> mfsroot to /mnt/stand and finally chroots into mnt for the rest of the
> install.  It copies /stand so that it can still get to the utilities
> in /stand that it needs while it does the actual install.

Is there any reason why we need /stand after the install process? As part
of the post-install configuration would it be possible to have /stand

Ryan Sommers
ryans at gamersimpact.com

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