Please, stop ruining FreeBSD

Andre Oppermann andre at
Mon Jun 28 15:04:23 PDT 2004

If this is troll sailing under false name or not; this wasn't called
for and is not productive in any way.

Thank you for 'sharing' your thoughts and good bye.


mhermione at wrote:
> First the RELENG_5 fiasco. I've never used a worse 
> FreeBSD release in my whole FreeBSD experience. I've been using
> FreeBSD
> since the 1.x days and I can tell you, RELENG_5 blows.
> KSE only works on x86 and barely works on sparc. RAIDframe has never
> worked on 5.x. What about alpha? Those people better grab a NetBSD
> install CD.
> If that wasn't enough, now Poul-Henning comes and, as usual, does
> whatever he wants to. I'm Poul-Henning and I don't need to ask for
> permission. I'll just cvs ci whatever I feel doing. Who cares, when
> core@ doesn't have the balls to tell this guy to behave. The recent
> ibcs2 thread is just another tip of the ice-cube of Poul-Henning's
> idea
> of "team work".
> I do most of my work in the network are of the kernel. I've been busy
> with my cvsup clone (written in C), but I sometimes feel like I'm
> wasting my time by devoting time and man hours to this. Please
> Poul-Henning, play fair or create your own damned BSD.
> Most people will agree that having Dillon play with his own toys is
> good
> for both FreeBSD and DragonFly. Let's create PoulBSD.
> Maxim Hermione
> FreeBSD committer
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