Please, stop ruining FreeBSD

mhermione at mhermione at
Mon Jun 28 14:36:00 PDT 2004

First the RELENG_5 fiasco. I've never used a worse 
FreeBSD release in my whole FreeBSD experience. I've been using
since the 1.x days and I can tell you, RELENG_5 blows.

KSE only works on x86 and barely works on sparc. RAIDframe has never
worked on 5.x. What about alpha? Those people better grab a NetBSD
install CD.

If that wasn't enough, now Poul-Henning comes and, as usual, does
whatever he wants to. I'm Poul-Henning and I don't need to ask for
permission. I'll just cvs ci whatever I feel doing. Who cares, when
core@ doesn't have the balls to tell this guy to behave. The recent
ibcs2 thread is just another tip of the ice-cube of Poul-Henning's
of "team work".

I do most of my work in the network are of the kernel. I've been busy

with my cvsup clone (written in C), but I sometimes feel like I'm
wasting my time by devoting time and man hours to this. Please
Poul-Henning, play fair or create your own damned BSD.

Most people will agree that having Dillon play with his own toys is
for both FreeBSD and DragonFly. Let's create PoulBSD.

Maxim Hermione
FreeBSD committer

Nextra Free (3-6h) Internet. We "R" different.

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