Multiple choices for RAID-0, best performance?

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Thu Jun 24 05:23:58 PDT 2004

(previously posted on -questions without any replies)

With the recent addition of a geom-enabled vinum, and the discussed (but not
yet functional?) geom stripe module, we now have 4 different choices for
software RAID-0 on ATA devices (the other two are regular vinum and

I'm currently using a mix of vinum and ataraid on one of my servers, but I
haven't been in a position to do any proper performance measurements yet
(it's a production server).

Are there any obvious performance differences between the different ways of
doing RAID-0? Any difference in resource usage?

Also, will the RAID-0 performance (transfer speed and/or resource usage) of
ataraid be affected a lot depending on what controller is used? For example
would there be any performance difference between ataraid on a HPT374-based
card (such as the Highpoint RocketRAID 454) and one of the new Promise cards
(which we have really good drivers for afaik).

Daniel Eriksson

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