STI, HLT in acpi_cpu_idle_c1

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jun 17 19:39:26 GMT 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Don Bowman wrote:

> in the intel instruction manual, the effect
> of STI is that interrupts are enabled
> *after* the next instruction.
> ie:
>  sti
>  ret
>  ...
> the return is still run with interrupts disabled
> (if they were prior to the STI).
> In acpi_cpu_idle_c1, it does:
>  sti
>  hlt
> shouldn't there be a NOP in there so that interrupts
> are guaranteed on?

I think your reading of it is right..
but I also think that if it was ALWAYS right we'd see processors
go idle and never wake up again....
Since this doesn't seem to happen, maybe ther eis a bug in the emulator?

We can always add a nop I guess and see what happens..

> We have traced down a lockup of the system with
> a TAP emulator, and found that three processors
> are in acpi_cpu_idle with bit 9 of EFLAGS clear,
> indicating interrupts are disabled. The fourth
> processor is spinning with nothing to do (since
> hardclock etc don't come to it).
> Suggestions? Am i off base on the sti/hlt? Is
> there another problem that i might be running into?
> --don
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