HEADSUP: Import of pf from OpenBSD 3.5

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Thu Jun 17 17:10:38 GMT 2004

On Thursday 17 June 2004 00:38, Max Laier wrote:
> All,
> I will be importing a new version of pf in the next hour. This is long due
> and really well-tested. However, the first step will bring in
> OPENBSD_3_5_BASE (i.e. the release version, not the STABLE branch). We will
> catch up on -STABLE soon thereafter. Just FYI, better wait a bit before you
> re-build world to get the new stuff.

I am done for now. pf is at the same level as the OpenBSD 3.5 stable branch. 
There are some more fixes in OpenBSD-current that are candidates for an MFC 
to FreeBSD, but identifying and merging will take some time. If you are 
interested in testing pf 3.5, you can start now ;)

If you are aware of fixes in OpenBSD-current that you'd like to have merged, 
please drop me a mail. For now we have identified at least one fix from Pyun 

There are also some FreeBSD specific feature extensions that will go in over 
the next couple of days. This includes "jailed" support and matching of 
member groups for tcp/udp group syntax. Details will follow.

Best regards,				| mlaier at freebsd.org
Max Laier				| ICQ #67774661
http://pf4freebsd.love2party.net/	| mlaier at EFnet
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