Page fault in kernel mode; unable to dump core; reproducable

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Tue Jun 15 20:37:45 GMT 2004

> That's what I saw on my T40. However, this only happens if I boot with a
> GENERIC kernel instead of a custom one.

This is a T40p, though I am not using GENERIC. I presume there is some 
specific driver/feature that is causing it, that I happen to have loaded and 
you don't.

> I'm not sure about that; however, I can get the backtrace reliably by
> issuing a 'panic' command in DDB.

Hmm, ok. Do I need to do anything during compilation to enable this then 
perhaps? I found some instructions Googling but those were extremely old and 
applicable to the new build system. However I then checked the handbook and I 
didn't see it mentioned.

> Perhaps this is also related to the thread "Thinkpad panic woes (was Re:
> CDRW causes Thinkpad T41 to panic)" about two weeks ago?

Maybe. While I tried the PS2 solution once, I have i enabled at the moment 
(firstly I want the CD-ROM working and secondly if Windows were to break I  
would no longer be able to boot from CD nor re-enable the drive bay).

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