Storing a lot of little files

Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Jun 15 13:53:37 GMT 2004

Eugene wrote:

>Hello freebsd-current,
>  I need to store a lot (hundreds of millions) of very little files (from 8 bytes
>  to 50K) in my filesystem.
>  What's the best way to optimize it? Which newfs options can you
>  recommend me?
>  Can UFS2 optiomize storage of little files? For example, put some
>  files in one cluster - so don't let the 8 byte file to occupy a
>  whole cluster of about 16K?
>  Is it possible to allocate inodes dynamically (like in ReiserFS?),
>  bacause I'm not sure I can predict accuratly number of little files,
>  and inodes not to finish before disk get full.
>  Does FreeBSD support file systems except of UFS?
>  What about ReiserFS, XFS, JFS?

I've never done 'hundreds of millions', but I've done about 10 
million..  I can say that you will definitely need to organize them in a 
heirarchical directory structure..  You'll want to look at the following 
options to newfs:

-g -h -i

and these options to tunefs: -e -f -s


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