Storing a lot of little files

Eugene el2000 at
Tue Jun 15 13:33:38 GMT 2004

Hello freebsd-current,

  I need to store a lot (hundreds of millions) of very little files (from 8 bytes
  to 50K) in my filesystem.
  What's the best way to optimize it? Which newfs options can you
  recommend me?
  Can UFS2 optiomize storage of little files? For example, put some
  files in one cluster - so don't let the 8 byte file to occupy a
  whole cluster of about 16K?
  Is it possible to allocate inodes dynamically (like in ReiserFS?),
  bacause I'm not sure I can predict accuratly number of little files,
  and inodes not to finish before disk get full.

  Does FreeBSD support file systems except of UFS?
  What about ReiserFS, XFS, JFS?

  Thank you very much!
Best regards,

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