HA: [backtrace] kernel dump when shutting down

astesin at ukrtelecom.net astesin at ukrtelecom.net
Tue Jun 15 09:22:55 GMT 2004

Hello Xin,

> I got a strange problem when having HTT enabled on a P4 2.8E 
> processor. When rebooting the system, after the disk sync and 
> the system is going to restart, it crashes and generates a 
> crashdump. Strangely, the panic message seems to be corrupted.

That's exactly what I'm seeing on P4 3.0E (yes, also `E') and Intel
S875WP1-E motherboard
ftp://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s875wp1-e/tps.pdf , but
it even doesn't do crashdump, just freeses. And not each time but maybe 3-4
of 5 reboots. BTW running `halt' instead of reboot worked. Sorry I didn't
had time this night to try a kernel with debugging.

> The system used to crash before sync'ing disks. It seems that 
> Nate's recent commit has removed that crash. More information 
> available upon request.

Exactly. 5.2.1-R and -CURRENT of late May were also tested, they were
crashing before syncing discs, 20040614 -CURRENT crashes (freeses) after

People say that on older P4 CPUs (Northwood core) that do not have this
problem, only on `E'-s (??? Strange enough).


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