Intel S875WP1-E mothterboard and -CURRENT

astesin at astesin at
Tue Jun 15 06:31:13 GMT 2004

Hello all,

w/CURRENT as of 20040614 at a box built around Intel S875WP1-E motherboard
(the one equipped with Promise SATA RAID0+1) and the new (Prescott kernel)
P-IV 3.0 strange things do happen.

Installed just yesterday on the brand-new box and when I say `reboot' it
syncs discs Ok, than from time to time (not every time) after shutting down
ACPI it not even panics (sometimes panics, sometimes - not) and freeses with
very strange appearance on the console screen - like bytes in text mode
video memory are randomly swapped making screen unreadable.

Tried to catch this into debugger but with no luck.

Any clues? What to to to diagnose this? How can I help to locate the bug?


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