Upgrading perl

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie.le-hen at epita.fr
Mon Jun 14 16:12:36 GMT 2004

> The situation is: running 4-stable, with perl 5.6 from ports, with lots 
> of packages which depend on it. Now I need to install an application 
> that requires perl5.8!
> Is there a way to switch over to 5.8 without breaking everything? I'm 
> asking this because I see two different ports in the tree: perl5, which 
> installs 5.6 and perl5.8 which apparently has what I need, but 
> portupgrade doesn't understand it (tries to upgrade 5.6 to a newer port 
> revision).
> I tried installing the perl5.8 port (which gets me three versions of 
> perl installed, *sigh*), but existing applications couldn't find needed 
> modules.

You may want to read /usr/ports/UPDATING, especially entry 20040204.  I
think this should help you in the upgrading process.

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